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​A  charismatic & talented Chef with a successful track record of impressing clients with influences from, Basque to classic English, French and Italian. He likes to challenge preconceptions with his food, inspirations come from all over the world sourcing and using the most refined, distinctive and quality ingredients. Over the passed 5 years James has freelanced and consulted for various restaurants in London Including Mildreds, Cuckoo club, Front Line Club and as executive chef launched the highly regarded London restaurants Barrica and Copita. Previously to this he worked as a senior chef with Sam and Sam the owners at Moro, as well as founding chef at the Landsdown Gastro pub in primrose hill , cafe anglaise and executive with Allegra Mcevedy at Blackfoot. Currently running the show at Rotorino in east London. Experienced both as a private chef  for high profile clients around Europe and caterer for PR functions, festivals and weddings.​ 

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